Producing tables for commercial projects fits perfectly in our method of working: we have great capacity at our disposal and we have much pleasure in producing tables deviating from the models shown on our website. If desired we will advise you, because tables for commercial projects are often executed in special measurements, colours and finishes, with a businesslike or a vintage look, the tabletop treated with a project lacquer to prevent staining, or just the opposite, etc. etc.

Any wish is discussable because “Dutch Tribute 69” executes special designs with pleasure and we see it as our job that the result is to complete satisfaction of the client. Besides that, quality and prices are in proportion and, last but not least: our prices are inclusive of 21% VAT. If your company is VAT obliged and you provide us with your VAT ID number, we can set up the invoice without VAT.

Some companies “Dutch Tribute 69” realized project for:


Restaurant Côte Belge

Côte Belge has chosen for two "height adjustable" DT03 crank tables and a 4 meter long industrial design table for there restaurant. These sturdy tables fit perfectly in the industrial look of the restaurant.

Sasstraat 53
8301 Knokke-Heist(Ramskapelle)

cote-belge-logo.jpg Cote-Belge-02.jpg Cote-Belge-01.jpg Cote-Belge-03.jpg Cote-Belge-05.jpg

Bluegroup Retail | Crank base DT03-vintage

Bluegroup Retail is a commercial fit out company based in London offering a full range of design, planning and construction services to the retail and office sector.

The Blue Group retail has chosen for the "height adjustable" DT03 crank base in the Timberland Store in Oxford Street London. This sturdy crank base fits perfectly in the industrial look of the Timberland store.

For further information about our “in height adjustable” tables click here

More info Bleugroup retail:

More info Timbeland-UK:

Logo-project-bluegoupretail-timberland.jpg Timberland-London-11.jpg Timberland-London-87.jpg Timberland-London-104.jpg Timberland-London-109.jpg Timberland-London-213.jpg Timberland-London-251.jpg

6 “in height adjustable” tables for a cooking school

(H)EERLIJK ANDERS the durable (company-) caterer with own cooking school.

Is, according to the latest measuring, working with a 98% durable business organization: always fresh and delicious local products from the Eindhoven area, and honest ingredients from regions only a little further on. The tables are meant for the cooking school. They are adjustable in height, through which they suit each target group (children, companies and individuals) for working and eating.

For further information about our “in height adjustable” tables click here -

H-EERLIJK-ANDERS-logo.jpg H-EERLIJK-ANDERS-1.jpg H-EERLIJK-ANDERS-2.jpg H-EERLIJK-ANDERS-3.jpg H-EERLIJK-ANDERS-4.jpg a7-1.jpg a2.jpg a1.jpg

Pano Stuttgart | Table for a break with bread and coffee

Table G004.2: made to measure of reclaimed oak, with its length of 550cm and width of 150cm; an inviting element in the lounge.

In cooperation with Dittel Architecten Stuttgart

Pano Stuttgart,
Johannesstrasse 90,
70176 Stuttgart

Pano-Stuttgart.jpg Dittel-Architekten-Brot-und-Kaffee-Cafe-PANO-Stuttgart-D-ARCH-D509-Projekt02.jpg Dittel-Architekten-Brot-und-Kaffee-Cafe-PANO-Stuttgart-D-ARCH-D509-Projekt10.jpg IMG_1369.jpg IMG_1383.jpg Pano4.jpg Pano5.jpg Pano6.jpg

LOODS10 | Oudewater NL

LOODS10-Oudewater.jpg Tisch-verstelbar-420-160-1.jpg Tisch-verstelbar-420-160-2.jpg tn_grote-vergaderzaal.jpg grote-zaal1.jpg tn_grote-vergaderzaal2.jpg eetzaal_edited-1-.jpg tn_eetzaal2.jpg tn_eetzaal4.jpg tn_kleine-vergaderzaal.jpg

Morley Glass & Glazing Ltd | Crank base DT03-vintage

Morley Glass has chosen the "height adjustable" DT03 crank base for their meeting table in combination with a glass top that Morley produces themselves.

For further information about our “in height adjustable” tables click here

More info Morley Glass & Glazing Ltd:

Morley.gif Morley-Glass01.jpg Morley-Glass02.jpg Morley-Glass03.jpg Morley-Glass04.jpg

Profibau | „in height adjustable” table with a length of 4 meters

This table had to be delivered on the 2nd floor. Fortunately Profibau has the equipment through which we could realize this!

For further information about our “in height adjustable” tables: click here

Profibau – Handel Logistik Service GmbH

Schemelbergstrasse 7
73037 Göppingen -

Profibau-logo.jpg profibau-1.jpg profibau-2.jpg profibau-3.jpg profibau-4.jpg

Zilverline Amsterdam

Industrial Table, length 480cm x width 130cm: old cast iron legs with an oak table top from old wagon planks. Zilverline Amsterdam.
Zilverline-Amsterdam.jpg Zlverline-1.jpg Zlverline-3.jpg Zilverline-4.jpg Zlverline-2.jpg Zlverline-5.jpg

Studio Rundholz

Shop Berlin
Studio-Rundholz-Berlin.jpg Studiorundholz-1.jpg Studiorundholz-2.jpg Studiorundholz-3.jpg Studiorundholz-4.jpg Studiorundholz-6.jpg Studiorundholz-7.jpg Studiorundholz-8.jpg Studiorundholz-5.jpg

Studio Rundholz | workshop

2 Workshop Table 7 x 2 meters
1 Workshop Table 5 x 0.8 meters

Studio-Rundholz-Atelier-I.jpg Rundholz3.jpg Rundholz4.jpg Studiorundholz-2x7meter-2.jpg Studiorundholz-2x7meter-3.jpg Studiorundholz-2x7meter-4.jpg Studiorundholz-2x7meter-5.jpg Studiorundholz-2x7meter-6.jpg

If you have a custom commercial project, please use our form here to tell us some basic information about your project. We’re happy to assist with custom orders on quantities of 6 or more. Once you have submitted the information, a custom order specialist will be in touch to further discuss your project.