In the workshop of “Dutch Tribute 69” great attention is given to all requirements the finished article has to meet. All our vintage industrial tables are created by combining old cast iron bases with beautiful, genuine, reclaimed oak tabletops. Each table gets a finishing touch with metal, in order to obtain a unique appearance. The wood for our rustic oak tables is selected by ourselves in France, and thanks to this we are able to buy massive oak planks of 35cm wide (exceptional). The frames in steel some tables are executed with, are made by a well-established family business in our neighbourhood.

We measure, saw, hammer, plane, polish, think, design, calculate, glue, varnish, etc. In other words, the manufacturing of tables as we have in mind, requires a whole array of proficiency: authentic craftsmanship as well as present and future creative crafts. “Dutch Tribute 69” employs such specialized craftsman, and because of them we are able to produce by hand tables that meet all whishes and requirements of the customer.