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COVID 19 / Corona

Measures taken to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus are understandable, but cause complete new situations. How can we deal with it? It goes without saying that we pay extra attention to hygiene, wash our hands frequently and employees who are running a (slight) fever stay at home. We do not shake hands and we keep a healthy distance to each other and to our customers.

What did not change: we have all the time and space for you.

Height adjustable crank table - industrial

Height adjustable crank tables

We are very proud of our in height adjustable tables! In our workshop these tables are made by hand of cast iron industrial under-carriages. These sets of in height adjustable crank bases are all different. Per table we make a special design with a tabletop at choice. Trough that, each table is unique!

DS-515 chair - de Sede

De Sede Dealer

De Sede: top design from Switzerland. Craftsmanship, style and class at the highest level are characteristic for the handcrafted design furniture this company produces for more than 50 years. Meanwhile de Sede is an international  leading  furniture company that combines tradition with renewal.

DT-69 Team

The Story

In the middle of The Netherlands where two rivers embrace an elongated piece of land, you will find the region “Land van Maas en Waal”. What some might call unimportant, we call home. Because there’s a lot more than meets the eye. For example: here, where the rivers Maas en Waal regularly flood, we learnt from previous generations how to control the water in a genius way, by building mills and pumping-stations.

It is this sense of ingenuity and craftsmanship that inspires us since 1969 to manufacture solid, genuine and modern tables and cupboards.

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