About us

The Story

In the middle of The Netherlands where two rivers embrace an elongated piece of land, you will find the region “Land van Maas en Waal”. What some might call unimportant, we call home. Because there’s a lot more than meets the eye. For example: here, where the rivers Maas en Waal regularly flood, we learnt from previous generations how to control the water in a genius way, by building mills and pumping-stations.

It is this sense of ingenuity and craftsmanship that inspires us since 1969 to manufacture solid, genuine and modern tables and cupboards. Among these, we nowadays  also create vintage industrial tables, by combining old factory under-carriages with beautiful, genuine, old oaken tabletops. These are handmade tables with wooden tabletops and undercarriages of cast iron and steel: the same materials our grandfathers used to construct mills and pumping-stations. “Dutch Tribute 69”: the embodiment of heirs responsible for keeping the ingenuity, craftsmanship and ideals of their ancestors alive, fits perfectly the current spirit of the age, including the growing concern for sustainability and authenticity.


In the workshop of “Dutch Tribute 69” great attention is given to all requirements the finished article has to meet. All our pieces of furniture are one by one made by hand. Through that each piece of furniture is unique, whether you prefer an industrial, a rural or a modern style.

We measure, saw, hammer, plane, polish, think, design, calculate, glue, varnish, etc. In other words, the manufacturing of tables and cupboards as we have in mind, requires a whole array of proficiency: authentic craftsmanship as well as present and future creative crafts. “Dutch Tribute 69” employs such specialized craftsman, and because of them we are able to produce furniture that meets all wishes and requirements of the customer.

It is also possible to order a piece of furniture quite to your wishes in divers types of wood, i.e. rustic oak, old oak, walnut etc. Do you pay a visit to our showroom and workshop? We will show you with pleasure the artisanal  precision by which our furniture is made.


One may safely say that the new DT-69 showroom at Beatrixstraat in Beneden Leeuwen is spectacular. You will find here the furniture that we design and make ourselves: very special and handmade pieces of furniture (made to measure), in industrial, rural and modern style. We show this furniture in combination with exclusive antique objects and seating furniture of the distinctive marks KFF and De Sede, whose dealer we officially are. DT-69 chose these co-operations because these marks, just as we do, strive after the most manageable quality. And the fact that De Sede chose us to co-operate with, is also very special, because they normally cooperate with more traditional furniture businesses.

Last but not least, the building is special as well: built 60 years ago as an auto repair business it became, thanks to its surface of 3000m2, its high ceilings and a radical rebuilding, a characteristic industrial  image.

Of course we are proud of the result and we gladly show it. Just give us a ring to make an appointment for a visit without engagement or, if you happen to be in our environs, please feel free to walk in. We are sure we can take you by pleasant surprise.