Het Vleespannetje

“Het vleespannetje” chose an industrial look for the interior of their office. The tables and desks consist of cast iron and steel bases with tops of sun-burnt old oak. This creates a pleasant workspace in a warm/cozy style.

  • 2 “XL” industrial tables DT27
    Desk table 400x120cm and kitchen table 360x110cm
  • Round conference table of Ø 180cm
  • 20 swivel seats, alternating in color, with and without armrests
  • Stand/sit desk 180x80cm, height adjustable from 72 to 110cm DT03-base
  • Desk table 180x80cm
  • Side table 200x50cm, base: steel tube frame
  • Kitchen block 240x65xh100cm with 2 steel sliding doors
  • Waiting area: Vintage steel cupboard with bench and table

“Het Vleespannetje” produces artisanal roast meat products for retail, catering and healthcare institutions and specializes in serving customized products.

Het Veespannetje BV
Industriepark 17A
6603 BE Wijchen