De Sede Dealer

DS-515 chair | de Sede

De Sede by DT-69 / See here the collection of this first class design trademark

Since April 2019 we officially are de Sede dealer

De Sede: top design from Switzerland. Craftsmanship, style and class at the highest level are characteristic for the handcrafted design furniture this company produces for more than 50 years. Meanwhile de Sede is an international leading furniture company that combines tradition with renewal.

De Sede and DT-69, in which do they meet? In craftsmanship, quality and innovation. To meet individual requirements for the world of today, de Sede selected Dt-69, an innovating handicraft company that guarantees the quality of their own products. And for us it was the recognition of the striving for perfection and the professional craftsmanship, whereby we chose the design furniture of de Sede. Thereby we are the first handcrafts company that became de Sede dealer. A unique combination!


De Sede DS-515 chair

This design comes from the design studio Greutmann Bolzern! And that obviously can be seen; in the masterful combination of a delicate steel runner base and a slender padded leather cover, the design is simply timeless. It is such a good design that it suits all the tables DT-69 produces whether it is a modern, an industrial or a rural table, all perfectly match the de Sede-515 chair.

DS-515 chair | de Sede
DS-31 sofa | de Sede

De Sede DS-31 sofa, easy-chair, footstool

This design-highlight from the 1970s is – with some adjustments – absolutely back again and shows to fit perfectly our own interior-expertise: handmade modern, industrial and rural tables. read more>>>