Table legs

Make your own table with our industrial steel table legs. Our steel and (cast) iron table legs have an unprecedented sturdiness and industrial look, but also a long lifespan and contemporary design. In addition, they are designed by ourselves and exclusively available in our shop. As a result, we can guarantee you an excellent quality. Read more

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Steel table legs

Make your own table with our industrial steel table legs. The advantage of steel and (cast) iron table legs is of course an unprecedented strength and industrial look, but a long life and contemporary design aswell. Our table legs are of our own design and exclusively available in our shop. Therefore, we can guarantee an excellent quality.

Industrial table legs

Industrial table legs have a robust and sturdy look due to their design and the material they’re made of. Therefore, when creating a table, they combine well with almost all types of wood and even metal, glass or natural stone. Due to the fixing holes in the table legs, attaching your tabletop to the table legs is easy and simple.

Height adjustable table legs

At DT-69, we manufacture industrial height adjustable table legs aswell. Our height adjustable table legs are adjusted by means of an iron mechanism with gears and a flywheel in the leg. The mechanism is hand-made in our own workshop and further contributes to the industrial look of a table. Because we make the table ourselves a high degree of personalisation is possible.

A height adjustable table is not only stylish, but practical aswell. With a height adjustable table, you can use the same table for different occasions. You can, for example, use your dining table as a bar table for festive occasions or your kitchen table as a standing desk when working at home.

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