Industrial tables

Our industrial tables can be recognized by the robust combination of wood, metal and superior craftsmanship.  Read more

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Looking for tables in stock? Search for ‘in stock’ at the top of the screen under ‘filters’.

Industrial tables

You can recognize our industrial tables by the robust combination of wood, metal and superior craftsmanship. With years of experience in the field we handcraft unique industrial tables with the utmost care and passion, no two tables are the same. Because of their industrial design these tables fit right into a wide range of interiors. From classical to rural and vintage to modern, there will always be a stylish industrial table that’s just right.

What kind of industrial tables are there?

The different industrial tables are distinguishable from each other on the basis of their kind, type of table top and table base. This way tables with a smooth table top and a thin steel frame look more elegant than tables with an robust oak table top with broad metal table legs. Apart from the different models you can distinguish tables based on their kind as well, think of: dining tables, coffee tables, bar tables and bistro tables for example.

Because we make all the tables ourselves you have a wide range of possibilities and freedom whilst customizing your table. Almost anything can be made the way you want it to be, like:

  • The type of wood
  • Colour
  • Length, thickness and shape
  • Attachments
  • Table legs
  • Height adjustability

If you have your own idea or an example, please let us know and we will be happy to send you a quote without obligation.

Metal table legs under industrial table

Industrial tables are well known for their combination of robust table tops in combination with metal table legs. The advantages of metal table legs are of course extraordinary strength and an industrial look but a long lifespan and contemporary design as well. Our table legs are designed by ourselves an exclusively available in our store. Because we use our own table legs we can guarantee you outstanding quality.

For seperate metal table legs, see our page Table legs.

Height adjustable table

We at DT-69 make industrial height adjustable tables as well. Our height adjustable tables can be adjusted by means of a crank base mechanism in the table legs. The mechanism is made in our own workshop and further adds to the industrial look of the table.

A height adjustable table isn’t just pretty to look at, but practical as well. With an height adjustable table you can use one table for multiple occasions. This way you can use your dining table when eating and crank it up to a bartable later the same night. You can use one of these tables as kitchen table and standing-desk when working from home. These tables save you the hassle of switching tables or using multiple tables in the first place.

Have a look at our height adjustable dining tables.