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Reclaimed oak; strong, durable and full of character. It's therefore not surprising that this is our most commonly used wood type. Here, you will find our collection of tables that are (almost) entirely made of reclaimed oak. Read more

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Dining tables made of Reclaimed oak wood.

Reclaimed oak; strong, durable and full of character. It’s therefore not surprising that this is our most commonly used wood type. Here, you will find our collection of tables that are (almost) entirely made of reclaimed oak.

Ever since we started in 1969, we’ve loved working with naturally coloured reclaimed oak. The material is full of character and very sturdy. The knowledge and experience gained in these 50 years is still being used today. This can not only be seen in the showroom, but also after years of use.

Because the tables are made by real craftsmen using traditional methods, they will last for decades. This versatile material is available in different styles: rural, retro and classic.

A number of popular models are French farmhouse tables and Refectory tables.

Reclaimed oak wood is durable and beautiful.

Dining tables made of reclaimed oak wood do not only have a naturally weathered appearance, but are also extremely durable. We exclusively use reclaimed oak from central Europe. Here, it has often been used for centuries as cladding because of its strength and longevity. This is also called “barnwood”.

During these years, the wood has acquired a beautiful natural colour through daily use and exposure to the elements. The wood is then professionally dried and cleaned by means of a heat treatment. This makes the wood extra strong and free of insects like woodworm and longhorn beetle. By using the heat treatment the wood is kept free of chemicals aswell.

In order to bring out the natural beauty of the wood in the table, it is essential that the original top layer is preserved. Therefore, the wood is carefully and meticulously worked into a table in our workshop. In doing so, we use traditional woodworking techniques. This may take more time and attention, but it results in a table with character and natural beauty.

By buying our tables made of reclaimed oak, you are giving these beautiful materials a second life. In doing so, you reduce logging while the lifespan of the reclaimed oak wood can be extended by centuries.

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Many of our industrial tables have a tabletop made of reclaimed oak, for more information click on industrial.

Refectory table as dining table.

Our refectory tables made of reclaimed oak bring the true rural feeling into your home. This is due to their authentic design. For all our tables are based on the long dining tables that have been used in monasteries since the Middle Ages. This is also reflected in the naming of the tables. They’re all named after a historic monastery or monastic settlement.

Our monastery tables are available in several models that all have their own distinctive charm. For example, you will find our rustic Salzburg table with robust wooden table legs, but our classic Batenburg table as well. Or perhaps you are looking for the bold Grindelwald table with oak X-legs and an iron connecting rod?

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French dining tables for rural living.

Tables to enjoy the French way; good food, drinks with friends, long after-dinner drinks. Our French tables are designed for everyday use. They are made of rustic reclaimed oak which gives them sturdiness and longevity.

The inspiration for making these tables comes from the old French farmers’ tables that originally came to the Netherlands via antique dealers. Our tables are made from reclaimed wood, but also in the original style, which means that they retain their rural appearance.

One advantage of a new table made from reclaimed wood is that we can make it to measure for you, but the original look is retained. For more information, please contact us. We will be pleased to tell you more about the possibilities.

50 years of craftsmanship in one table.

The use of high-quality natural materials and exceptional craftsmanship is what makes our tables so beautiful. As a result, they are long-lasting, stylish and extremely durable.

Because we make the tables ourselves using traditional methods, you have enormous options. For example, we specialise in large sizes and specific custom work. This allows us to customise the structure of the wood, the shape and the colour. And of course, you will receive reliable and professional advice from real specialists.

Would you like to know more about our products, get inspired or do you have another question? Then please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you with your question and think along with you about the possibilities.

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