Industrial coffee tables

Our range of industrial coffee tables of which all models are custom-made according to your specifications. Read more

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Industrial coffee table

Our range of industrial coffee tables of which all models are custom-made according to your specifications. Our models are available with thin steel frames, or with authentic cast-iron table legs. You can also choose from several types of wood, the size and thickness of which you can determine yourself.

Coffee table industrial and oak

Industrial coffee tables with old oak tabletops are eye-catching and unique pieces of furniture. The combination of authentic cast-iron table legs and real old oak makes for an exceptional table.

Through traditional woodworking, the original patina of the old wood comes to life in the tabletop. This is only possible from old European oak that has been tinted by natural weather influences for decades.

What types of industrial coffee tables are there?

Our industrial coffee tables come in different shapes and sizes. Because we make all our products ourselves, you, the customer, have enormous options for customization. The products shown on our website are just some of the options.

Very decisive for the look of an industrial coffee table are the table legs, which are available in different models:

  • Classic cast iron table legs
  • Large cast iron table legs
  • Thin steel frame

You also have a choice of different materials and finishes for the table top. These are:

  • Durable old oak
  • New oak
  • American nut wood
  • Inland hardwood

Each wood type has its own unique properties, appearance and finishing options. Wondering which wood type would best suit your home, or what the possibilities are? Then feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you think about the possibilities.

Height-adjustable coffee table

Industrial coffee tables with cast-iron table legs are available with a height-adjustable mechanism.

This mechanism has been developed by ourselves and is custom-made in our own workshop. Because of our own production, we are able to guarantee exceptional quality. Thus, the base is also very stable at height.

A height-adjustable coffee table is not only very beautiful, but also extremely practical. It is thus ideal for multifunctional use in living and dining rooms. Turn your coffee table into a kitchen table or a desk.

Curious about the possibilities of our adjustable coffee tables? Then feel free to contact us by e-mail, phone or drop by. We will be happy to help you.